As a conservationist, one of my prime concerns is sharing information and spreading awareness, especially to the next generation. In case you don’t already know, I LOVE rhinos.

When I was asked by Rhino Revolution UK to help create a brand new educational website for kids to teach them about rhinos and conservation, I jumped at the chance. It’s been a lot of work, but a lot of fun too – researching, compiling, writing, designing, etc. alongside two other Rhino Revolution UK trustees, Suzan McKeever & Patsy Stagman. I am happy to say that “The Crash” went live on 7 April 2021! 



You can find us by going to and choosing ‘Educational Portal” in the menu or by clicking on the large rhino hoof print.

You will be able to find out lots more on the website and you can join “The Crash” and become a crash crusader.

The Crash is more than just a website, it is also a club, which young conservationists can join for free, with no obligation to do anything else. Upon completing a membership form, giving parental permission for children to participate, each child will be sent a membership pack. We hope that our Crash Crusaders will be excited to speak out for rhinos and share what they learn with their friends. We want to share our love of rhinos and hope that this will help others to care about them and strive to protect them.


The Crash has lots of fun activities and ideas, as well as educational content and we have direct links to people in South Africa, who will share their knowledge and experience with us. 

Each month we will have a “ranger report” giving your children information, news updates, events, videos and all sorts of other content. There will be opportunities to interact, ask questions and share any rhino creations or events they have either organised or attended. Your children will have the opportunity to interact and tell us what they want to see on our website, so it will become a space that they help to create. They can ask questions and “meet” game rangers, rehabilitation staff and people working in conservation, as well as send in articles and reports if they wish.

There is lots of information about rhinos, with more being added all the time as factsheets, articles and videos like the one below.


We have an adventure guide, Dermot, who will teach children all about outdoor activities and fitness. Dermot has worked in education, as well as in the military and with rhinos in Africa, so has the experience to get your kids excited about the outdoors.


We have three youth ambassadors speaking out for us:

Alexander Molony and his brother, Edward, who love rhinos. They are both actors and models, and you may have seen them on television. Alexander is currently filming a very exciting movie in Canada, and will make his film debut soon. We are delighted to have them both on board speaking out for rhinos.

Ava Barker, is our third youth ambassador. Ava has already presented talks at school about rhinos and organised an amazing fundraiser for Rhino Revolution UK involving 31 eight year old children and their teaching cycling miles for rhinos.



We are so proud of Ava Barker and her team of Cheshire Crusaders who have been walking, cycling, roller skating and scooting 100 miles to raise funds for Rhino Revolution UK.

Watch the video, which Ava’s mum created, to find out how many miles they actually did!

Well done to every one of the Cheshire Crusaders – you are amazing!

We will also be offering talks and presentations in schools, once we are allowed to move around more freely again after Covid restrictions. The Crash is primarily aimed at children aged 5 to 14, but we are happy to provide information to older children on a one to one basis.

 Please have a look at the website and sign your children up so they can join us in this exciting new adventure.

We look forward to welcoming them and seeing them become part of the solution.

Visit the website now and fill in the form, so that your children can help to save rhinos.


Thanks so much for reading.