About Imelda Bell

Author, conservationist & photographer

My Story

Imelda was born and grew up in Cape Town, South Africa. She moved to England when she was 19 and completed a BA(Hons) in Drama, Television & Theatre Studies in Winchester. She then went on to work in broadcast and studio engineering for companies including Channel 4 Television and ITV.

After children came along, she devoted time to being a mother and discovered a love for photography and photoshop through photographing her children.

She then joined some photographic societies, learned more about her camera and photographic techniques, building up her skills in photography, creative editing and design.

Imelda became a  Master Craftsman with the Guild of Photographers in 2019, the same year as was awarded a Fellowship with the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers for her body of work “Faces of Cancer”, which features in her book “Facing the Monster”. This work was also awarded the Best Fellowship Panel Award of 2018 with the Master Photographer’s Association. Imelda is now a judge with the Societies, having completed extensive training to reach this level.

Imelda has experienced the ups and downs of life, including cancer, and she writes from personal experiences. Her aim is to help people where she can through photography and writing, and provide a little comfort where she can.

 “The Nasty Beast Who Wanted to Stay” is a book written to help young children understand what happens when a loved one gets cancer. Imelda’s other books include  “The Little Germ that Travelled the World” and it’s full up ” The Stubborn Little Germ who wouldn’t go Away” to help young children understand Coronavirus and social distancing and “When Grandad had to go Away” which helps to deal with the death of a loved one.

Imelda has other books and projects in the planning, including several wildlife conservation collaborations.

Imelda’s other love is wildlife, especially African mammals. 

Imelda is a trustee with Rhino Revolution UK, and a volunteer with The Aspinall Foundation and The Retreat Farm Animal Sanctuary.

Imelda has also written several books on wildlife conservation for kids and loves to chat to people of all ages about how to make a difference in preserving wildlife and out planet.

Imelda is available to read any of her books or chat about wildlife and conservation in schools. Please contact her for firther details.


Imelda Bell, Author, Books

The Nasty Beast who Wanted to Stay

Cancer is affecting more loves than ever, with reports that 1 in 2 of us will get cancer. This is a scary and confusing time for young children. This story written in rhyme tells the story from a child’s perspective of her mother’s cancer journey.

Mhelembe, the Rhino Totem

This story explores the ancient idea of totems or spirit animals common in many populations throughout the world and centres around the rescue of an orphaned rhino. It is based on the real, ongoing work of Rhino Revolution, a rhino orphanage and rehabilitation centre in South Africa, who care for not only rhinos, but pangolins too.

What to Wear Instead of Hair , book by Imelda Bell

What to Wear Instead of Hair

“What to Wear Instead of Hair?” is a story for young children about a mother who is bald due to cancer treatment. The child’s ideas for the best hat to wear each presents its own problem and the suggestions get more ridiculous as the story progresses. This is a fun story to help children adapt to a parent with sudden hair loss.


“Such a beautifully written book, that will help small people to understand what the world is going through currently, whilst spreading hope and positivity for the future. An excellent piece of work from a talented lady!” – Amazon Customer

“A lovely factual book that explains a cancer patient’s journey and the feelings a child may have. A beautiful rhythm and a positive message. Highly recommended.” – Elli Cas

I would definitely recommend this for children to understand the strange world we live in at the moment. My almost 4 year old enjoys this and asks questions and relates to it. She picks it alot for her bedtime story.” – Katie


It is through the children living throughout the world, that we can build the foundation for a better and caring future for each other, our wildlife and the planet as a whole.